Alex Hunters Summer League 2017

8th August
The final race in the 2017 Summer league, What felt like the fastest night of the year, low pressure, only a gentle breeze, but the rain came and spoiled the fun, not to mention the re-surfacing at the new flats. Great turnout and more visitors, superb!
Matt Hennon 28:46
Alan Holms 29:55
Robert McGonigal 30:52
George McCarter 31:37
Alastair Gillespie 32:22
Tam May 32:45
Danny McLaughlin 33:04
Robert McCready 33:17
Peter Harrodige 34:53
Greg Stringfellow 35:18
Mark Smith 37:07
Remon Tromp 37:15 First time
Frank McMahon 38:42
Boyd McKenzie 40:42
Nathan Mischewski DNF

1st August
Well done to Paul doing his first sub 30 ride and to Jonis first time on course.
A lot of good times tonight guys well done everyone.
Matt Hennon 29.21
Alan Holms 29.40
Paul Symington 29.58 P.B.
Robert McGonigal 30.12
Jonis Van Der Tang 30.36 First Time
Kevan McCartney 30.53
Derek Robinson 32.14
Alaster Gillespie 32.37
Tam May 33.03
Peter Harridge 34.14
Greg Stringfellow 36.07
George McCarter D.N.F. punctured
Mark Smith assist Mechanic D.N.F.

25th July
Warm night, mild westerly.
Matt hennon 28:41
Alan Holms 29:41
George McCarter 30:49
Kevan McCartney 31:05
Alastair Gillespie 31:43 PB
Tam May 32:29
Derek Robinson 32:30
Robert McCready 32:34
Davie Irvine 32:42 PB
Greg Stringfellow 34:58 PB
Frank McMahon 37:31 PB

18th July
Alan Holms 30:23
Paul Symington 30:37
George McCarter 31:00
Kevan McCartney 31:32
Derek Robinson 31:37
Alastair Gillespie 32:13
Tam May 32:55
Robert McCready 33:06
Robert McGonigal 33:07
Davie Irvine 33:34
Alan O’Rourke 33:41
Peter Harrodige 34:03
Greg Stringfellow 36:01
Frank McMahon 38:03
Gerry Malone 38:58
Boyd McKenzie 40:17

11 July
Paul Symington.......31:20
Kavan McCartnay.....31:24
George McCarter......31:26
Derek Robinson.......31:29
Alastair Gillespie.......31:53 [PB] cheesey
Thomas May............32:17
Robert :twisted: McCready..32:37 {rode bike}
Danny McLaughlin....33:11
Alan O'Rourke.........33:39 {road bike}
Peter Harrodige.......34:11
Gerry Malone..........38:25 {road bike}
Frank McMahon.......39:54 {road bike} First Time cheesey
Boyd McKenzie........41:56 {rode Bike} First Time cheesey

20th June
A warm night with a bit of an easterly blowing giving a head-wind finish for the riders but still some good times on show. Temporary timekeeper for tonight being my good self as Alex has headed off to distant lands for a well earned break.
Matt Hennon 28:42
Alan Holms 29:58
George McCarter 30:22
Robert McGonigal 30:24
Paul Symington 30:59
Derek Robinson 31:20
Alastair Gillespie 32:02 PB
Tam May 32:27
Alan O'Rourke 33:22 PB Road Bike
Danny McLaughlin 33:25
Greg Stringfellow 35:19 PB Road Bike
Mark Smith 35:38 (Rode a bike.....slowly cheesey cheesey )
Tam Hamilton 37:15 PB Road Bike
Gerry Malone 38:00

30th May
A blustery North Westerly wind tonight, well done everybody.
Scott Newman 29.10
Matt Hennon 30.07
Alan Holms 30.25
George McCarter 31.09
Derek Robinson 31.52
Tam May 32.59
Mark Smith 33.47 Road Bike
Robert McCready 34.25 Road Bike
Greg Stringfellow 36.27 Road Bike
Jerry Malone 38.29 Road bike

23rd May
Conditions were grim, wet with a mild westerly breeze
Scott Newman 29.03
Alan Holms 30.04
Matt Hennon 30.07
Paul Symington 30.56 PB
George McCarter 31.25
Derek Robinson 31.40
Tam May 32.47
Alastair Gillespie 32.58 PB
Danny McLaughlin 33.11
Mark Smith 33.20
Peter Harrdage 34.37
Robert McCready 34.50
Greg Stringfellow 35.48 PB
Tam Hamilton 37.50 FT

16th May
13 riders, Fantastic turnout tonight, best conditions of the year so far
Paul Symington produces another P.B.
Scott Newman 28.50
Matt Hennon 30.10
Robert McGonigal 30.43
George McCarter 30.54
Paul Symington 31.10 PB Road bike
Alan Holms 31.20
Derek Robinson 32.08
Tam May 32.44
Danny McLaughlin 33.38
Alastair Gillespie 33.44 PB
Grant Foley 33.54
Jerry Malone 37.28 F.T.
Kevan McCartney D.N.F. Mechanical

10th May
Shorter course due to traffic lights at the Cloch lighthouse (filming the new Gerard Butler film!) :oops: The course was approx 9.4miles. Conditions were warm with a mild Westerly.
Matt Hennon 22.23
Alan Holmes 22.47
Robert McGonigal 23.13
George McCarter 23.23
Paul Symington 24.07
Derek Robinson 24.20
Kevan McCartney 24.27
Tam May 24.43
Danny McLaughlin 25.08
Mark Smith 25.13
Alastair Gillespie 26.20
Patricia Baird 26.24

2nd May
Warmer conditions and a light to moderate headwind on the return leg
Scott newman................29. 15
George McCarter.............31.15
Derek Robinson...............32.05
Tam May.........................33.31
Danny McLaughlin..........33.31
Paul Symington...............33.39 PB Road bike
Mark Smith......................34.37 Road bike
Patricia Baird...................35.59
Grant Foley.......................36.48 Road bike
Alastair Gillespie................D N F

25th April
Strong blustery and cold north wind
Scott Newman 29.49
George McCarter 32.04
Derek Robinson 32.59
Scott McKendrick 34.07 pb
Paul Symington 34.09 First Time
Tam May 34.12
Mark Smith 34.12
Danny McLaughlin 35.12
Alistair Gillespie 35.30
Grant Foley 35.39
Alan Holmes DNF

18th April
Conditions tonight were calm but cold
Matt Hennon 29.43
Allan Holms 30.52
Rory McMillan 31.01
Robert McGonigal 31.19
George McCarter 31.40
Derek Robinson 32.36
Robert McCready 33.03
Peter Harridge 33.26
Danny McLaughlin 33.43
Scott McKendrick 34.38 First time
Tam May 34.34
Mark Smith 34.48
Grant Foley 35.21
Alistair Gillespie 36.08

11th April
Cold very strong north westerly
Scott Newman 30.39
Alan Holms 31.37
George McCarter 33.09
Peter Harrdage 34.09
Derek Robinson 34.24
Robert McCready 34.31
Tam May 34.47
Patricia Baird 38.20
Danny McLaughlin 40.41
Robert McGonigal DNF

4th April
Tough night with a gusty, westerly wind.
Scott Newman 30.22
Matt Hennon 30.23
Robert McGonigal 31.59
George McCarter 32.22
Derek Robinson 32.52
Peter Harrdage 33.53 PB smile
Tam May 33.57
Robert McCready 34.09 (Road bike)
Mark Smith 35.54
Alastair Gillespie 36.31
Patricia Baird 37.43 (Road Bike)

28th March
Robert McGonigal 30.12 PB
Matt Hennon 30.19
Kevan McCartney 31.00
George McCarter 31.49
Derek Robinson 32.05
Tam May 33.05
Mark Smith 34.56
Peter Harrison 35.54 First time
Greg Stringfellow 36.11 First time