Hill climb season is fast approaching and Matt has arranged for the club to host an event on the Lyle Hill on the 21st of October. 1 mile of torture up an average of 7% makes me see all sorts of colours as I hyperventilate up the hill. Just when you think you're at the top you realise you still have a few more yards to go to the time keeper.
If you want to see the Strava segment follow this link: https://www.strava.com/segments/1579229

To get entered into the event go to https://www.cyclingtimetrials.org.uk/race-details/17842 and sign up if you haven't already!
You can register to race up until the 14th of October at 23:59, so no excuses.
Thanks to Matt for setting this up and keeping the club on the racing scene!
09 Aug 2018 : 09:30 by Alastair
At the turn of the year I had been scouting the internet to try and find a long distance event to aim for as a motivation to see me through the cold winter months on the bike.
I have been to France a few times and really like cycling there but I like to travel new roads rather than going to the same place all the time. Seeing the event in Bordeaux really piqued my interest, I had never been down in the south west of France before and the route would take in some of the Pyrenean climbs so that was it I was sold on it and the entry was fired off in January.

Next step get the miles in, as we all know the weather for the first part of the year was pretty awful culminating in the “beast from the east” quickly followed by the “beast from the east 2” giving us some rather unprecedented snow fall and severely curtailing the cycling. Worrying times for my training schedule but all worked out as we were blessed with the best summer weather in over 40 years.

Thankfully our hot weather prepared me somewhat for the even hotter weather I was to experience in the south of France (peaking out at 34 Deg ).
I arrived a few days before the event started allowing me to get the bike built back up after a rather painless flight from Glasgow. Event registration and bike check followed and then a short shake down ride along part of the route just to get a feel for what was to come. Boy was it hot, I only went 25 miles but drank two full bottles – I was going to have to think hard about how I was going to ride this event or else I was going to crash and burn for sure.

The event was due to start on the Sunday evening so after checking out of the hotel I spent most of the rest of the day at the event HQ dozing and keeping out of the sun. With just over 150 riders starting that evening I had met up with a couple of riders from England (Richard Evans and David Bradshaw) and we kind of informally agreed to start at the back of the field and ride steady and see how it went.

After all the hanging around it was eventually time for the off, the first part of the route was mostly on cycle paths as we negotiated our way out of the north side of Bordeaux and eventually headed in to the Dordogne region. Even when the sun went down around 10pm the temperature was still high, eventually I rode through the whole night in short sleeves and shorts and no feeling of being cool at all.
02 Aug 2018 : 12:37 by ROBERTO
Road Cycling So Glasgow is hosting the European Championships and there are a good few cycling events taking place.
Some of the events are free to watch as they are road races taking place in and around Glasgow city itself.
The full cycling events list can be found at https://www.glasgow2018.com/sports/cycling.

The races that i'm most interested in, and i'm sure some of you lot too, are the road races and time trails.
They are taking place as follows.
Sunday the 5th at 12:30 - 16:00 Women's road race.
Wednesday the 8th at 8:45 - 11:45 Women's Time trials
Wednesday the 8th at 12:45 - 15:15 Men's Time trials
Sunday the 12th at 10:30 - 16:30 Mens road race

None of these events require a ticket.

The route for the time trials are at https://www.glasgow2018.com/sites/default/files/Cycling Map Time Trial 1 May.pdf.
The route for the road races are at https://www.glasgow2018.com/sites/default/files/00693 - Cycling Map Road Race v9.pdf

Hope to see some of you there!
30 Jul 2018 : 11:07 by Alastair
Some of you may know already that there have been some roadworks going on around Inverkip and have been causing us to cancel some of the usual training runs.
The club have been looking for other things to do to get their cycling fix and have been going elsewhere enjoying the sunshine.
If you're not in the club whatsapp group, feel free to fire up a comment on this news post or something in the forum if you're itching to get those pedals turning. There's always someone looking for an excuse to go somewhere!
Thursdays usual APR on the 26th July ended up as a Kilbirnie loop and ice cream in Largs.
27 Jul 2018 : 09:22 by Alastair
Not that well known, however I’ve been an ambassador for Breast Cancer Care (Scotland) for the last 5 years and during this time I have organised static bike events in various locations including Glasgow Central. Last year as a team of 4 riders we cycled the length of the Outer Hebrides in 7 days carrying our kit in panniers and camping overnight. In addition to the sponsorship for miles cycled, I usually always carry a large volume of leaflets help/guidance information and support line cards and distribute them like a maniac in every waiting room I find.

So this year with a smaller group we decided to do as many of the inner Hebrides and islands as we could in a week, however trying to fit the ferry’s into our plan wasn’t that easy. The week started off on Friday (8th June) heading to Arran with 6 others from my office who were keen to support the challenge and accompany us on the first climb up Goatfell (altitude 2,867ft), the weather was warm and the views awesome. Following the climb we cycled to Lochranza and camped overnight before crossing to Claonaig and onwards across the peninsula to Kennacraig where we got another ferry to Port Askaig, on Islay, once there we cycled to Port Charlotte.

Due to the weather and logistics we decided to head to Jura and Climb Beinn An Oir (Altitude 2575ft )the highest of the three PAPs, this was a memorable climb due to the long walk in and the fact we ascended a near vertical face in error. Following this we of course visit the Jura distillery to settle our nerves.

Once back on Islay we cycled out to the bottom of the climb, where I punctured on a rotten road. After fixing it, and finding my rear hub was no longer a sealed unit, we climbed Beinn Vicar (Bheinn Bheigeir) at an altitude of(1,611ft). Although the altitude wasn’t as great as previous hills, it was fairly challenging due to the tail end of Storm Hector still blowing hard and raining as hard as it could..
Again as a reward we visited the Laphroaig distillery and were awarded with whiskey and a square foot area of land on the Island.

The following day we travelled back to Arran from Islay then back up from lochranza to Brodick, where we had one more critical technical, that seen a small ring fracture on the climb. This was swiftly removed and the rider given no option to but to push hard in a large gearing over the final back to Brodick

After retiring my tour bike and panniers on Saturday night, I travelled to Cumbrae on Sunday Morning to take part in the Tour de Cumbrae 9 mile Time Trial and Hill climb with more suitable bikes. Surprisingly I set a new personal best on the course of (21:20) and received a 4th place prize in my age group. My Final climb of the week which almost allowed me cycle to the top of the highest peak (417ft) seen me place 5th in my age group in a time of (6:21).

To date the just giving page has collect over £780 http://www.justgiving.com/owner-email/pleasesponsor/HCtTPC2018
29 Jun 2018 : 11:48 by Vanski