Milporttt It's that time of year again where the Tour of Cumbrae is fast gaining on us! On the 17th of June both the Time Trial and the hill climb will take place. 11am for the 9.5 mile TT and 2:15pm for the Hill climb. Entries Close at midnight on the 13th June. You can enter via
Time Trial:
Hill Climb:
Hope to see you all there!
15 May 2018 : 12:33 by Alastair
Welcome to the new website!
It's been fun making it so far, and there are still some niggles needing ironed out but the website is otherwise functional.

If you have an account from the old forum, you will have one on here. You will however need to reset your password as those couldn't be transferred over.
The email for resetting your password will probably end up in your emails Junk folder, so check that if you don't see it in your inbox.

If you're really struggling, Feel free to text/whatsapp me or email me on @ and let me know your username and i'll get it sorted for you.
I know it's a bit of a pain having to reset your details, but once you're up and running hopefully we will have a much more interactive site that will allow us to advertise what we do to people who want to join the club or come along to our races.

Many thanks for your patience over the past few months whilst I get the site to a usable state.
30 Apr 2018 : 08:54 by Alastair
With April showers and cool temperatures tonight only one lap was raced at club APR.

Thirteen riders were available for Alex Hunter to comprise three groups.

Group 1
Captain, Tam , Derek and Mark Smith.

Group 2 ( with 1minute)
George, Nial,Eddie and Paul McGonigol.

Group 3(with 2minutes)
Matt,Ryan and Stu Carmichael.

A strong north westerly made the going tough on the outward leg , the second group were up on the first at IBM turn , when the second group were coming down IBM exit ramp the scratch group had gained a minute which was measurable by both groups being parallel at IBM exit ramp.

With a slippery Bankfoot roundabout to negotiate second could see first and both were visible to third.

Scratch were in power station turn as both leading groups came together descending and with the westerly a chance to stay away was a possibility.

Approaching the kennels the captain had a quick shifty to determine the distance back to the chasing scratch group.

200 to 300 meters was the gap back to the fast approaching Matt,Ryan and Stu.

Ride steady over the kennels was the plan and keep working together , which proved a good strategy because the combined group of 1&2 staying away until passed the light house aided by the prevailing wind .

Rounding the bend the combined group all contested the sprint at different points but the strength of the on form rider Ryan proved too much and took the win with Matt second and Stu third.

A good velo race
29 Apr 2018 : 15:00 by Alastair
Alex Hunter set the groups as follows......

Dougie Nicholson ,Jim Beckett, Danny McLaughlin and Grant Foley.

2nd with a minute gap .
Robert McCready,Eddie Thompson,Derek Robinson,Mark Smith,Alistair Gillespie and George McCarter.

3rd with 2minutes.
Stu Carmichael, Paul McGonigal, Matt Hennon and Scott Newman.

The second group came together with first between top of holmston and inverkip. They worked together in and out of power station, at that stage of coming out of power station the scratch group were not to be seen which means they were in the power station turn.

The combined group still working evenly knowing the chase was on knew they had to get to the top of the kennels to have a chance.

Sure enough the pursuitants caught the escapees at the crest of the col de kennels .

Matt and Paul powered down the decent with captain McCready and lieutenant McCarter latched on to their wheels.

With no chance of any second group members putting their noses at the front the silent assassin AKA Scott Newman made an attack !!!!!!!.

Once again captain and lieutenant marshalled the move.

At the light house the assassin relented and Stu with Paul attacked with all the bunch joining in making a fast groupetto.

Matt went with 100 to go and held it to the line with Stu sprinting from the inside of the group to take a good second .

First group time..........32.18 to 35.14
Second group..............30.13 to 34.14
Scratch..........................28.13 to 28.32.

Hopefully 2 laps next week.

"Up the Velo"

Click Continue reading to see Matt's videos

20 Apr 2018 : 08:58 by dapperdan
INVERCLYDE Velo’s resident long distance rider Robert McCready, has set himself another gruelling schedule for 2018.

Since he started recording his yearly mileage in 2003, Robert has covered more than 170,000 miles -- almost seven times round the world.

As part of preparation for 2018 events, Robert is taking a slightly different approach to training. For additional motivation he is attempting to ride at least one 200km run per month for a full year. The new regime started in September and he is now on month five of the challenge.
11 Feb 2018 : 23:28 by Alastair