Nine Riders took part in a fairly still night. It was quite warm so the air pressure was high.
I wonder what Pauls time would have been if the pressure was lower!

Position Name Time Points
1 Paul Symington 29:18 - PB 5
2 Alan Holms 30:27 4
3 Kevan McCartney 30:28 3
4 Alastair Gillespie 32:31 2
5 Tom May 33:06 1
6 Mark Smith 34:48 1
7 Peter Harridge 35:34 1
8 Brian Wallace 36:00 - First Time - Road Bike 1
9 Tom Cardiff 38:34 - PB - Road Bike 1
06 Jun 2018 : 10:56 by Alastair
Not many riders showed for what turned out to be a great night.
Great weather wise, also time wise.
Paul managed to break his PB again. Well done Paul!
Jim is also doing really well with his new bike getting faster each time he goes out.
Personally, I feel like I rode quite well too. Still a minute from my PB, but was a good night for me!
Hope everyone is happy with their times.

Position Name Time Points
1 Paul Symington 29:31 5
2 George McCarter 31:07 4
3 Derek Robinson 32:09 3
4 Patricia Baird 32:27 2
5 Alastair Gillespie 32:33 1
6 Tom May 32:52 1
7 Mark Smith 33:09 1
8 Jim Becket 34:32 1
31 May 2018 : 11:50 by Alastair
Busy night! Nice to see 15 riders line up for the start.
Nice evening for it, even if there was another slight wind. Not sure if it affected people too much again, I know I felt a little slower on the return leg.

Position Name Time Points
1 Rory McMillan 29:29 PB 5
2 Matt Hennon 29:54 4
3 Paul Symington 30:06 3
4 George McCarter 31:22 2
5 Douglas Nicholson 31:53 1
6 Derek Robinson 32:46 1
7 Danny McLaughlin 33:01 1
7 Tom May 33:01 1
9 Robert McCready 33:18 1
10 Alastair Gillespie 33:37 1
11 Mark Smith 34:08 1
12 Arthur McMillan 34:32 PB 1
13 Jim Becket 34:40 1
14 Alan O'Rurhk 35:21 1
15 Alan Holms DNF
23 May 2018 : 09:46 by Alastair
Milporttt It's that time of year again where the Tour of Cumbrae is fast gaining on us! On the 17th of June both the Time Trial and the hill climb will take place. 11am for the 9.5 mile TT and 2:15pm for the Hill climb. Entries Close at midnight on the 13th June. You can enter via
Time Trial:
Hill Climb:
Hope to see you all there!
15 May 2018 : 12:33 by Alastair
Welcome to the new website!
It's been fun making it so far, and there are still some niggles needing ironed out but the website is otherwise functional.

If you have an account from the old forum, you will have one on here. You will however need to reset your password as those couldn't be transferred over.
The email for resetting your password will probably end up in your emails Junk folder, so check that if you don't see it in your inbox.

If you're really struggling, Feel free to text/whatsapp me or email me on @ and let me know your username and i'll get it sorted for you.
I know it's a bit of a pain having to reset your details, but once you're up and running hopefully we will have a much more interactive site that will allow us to advertise what we do to people who want to join the club or come along to our races.

Many thanks for your patience over the past few months whilst I get the site to a usable state.
30 Apr 2018 : 08:54 by Alastair